You ought to add armor or clothing into your game. (No esp) here's how to do it Tutorials

Instructor Razuvious

Tried to do something like this




My favorite set A8 in WOW and the most beautiful.




According to numerous requests from LL.



just mash-up which was not added to my game.



A small addition.


S Assassin

if there are problems, please contact me

(alternative option without mesh)


Warlock gear


if there are errors let me know, since i have not yet tested

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    blblblblblbl (Воскресенье, 23 Апрель 2017 21:45)

    Sorry, i'm fool. Thanks for this, i'm going into Oblivion

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    blblblblblbl (Воскресенье, 23 Апрель 2017 21:42)

    Very good. Where all this can be found?

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    Butchers Knives (Пятница, 26 Август 2016 11:15)

    Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this!Good effort.I learnt it

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    randomsoul (Суббота, 09 Январь 2016 09:05)

    Thanks for all the awesome oblivion stuff, and the link to the Paladin armor is down, is it possible to re-upload please?

  • #21

    Darigaz17 (Четверг, 23 Июль 2015 20:17)

    Dari is moving from Jimdo to his Tumblr page, all the new shinnies will be available there.

  • #20

    deadly mog (Среда, 24 Июнь 2015 20:19)

    ohh thats fine, i respect that.
    btw if you have time would you mind giving it a thought to retexture the red parts of the warlock gear to white and the black star to red?
    would be the perfect heretic or crazy crusader outfit *.*

  • #19

    Sasha136667 (Вторник, 12 Май 2015 23:10)

    deadly mog I'm sorry but this armor was made only for character Sasha.

  • #18

    chakaru11 (Вторник, 12 Май 2015 10:51)

    Sasha where are youuuuuu :(
    we miss you in the TESA chat.

    I hope you are fine?


  • #17

    deadly mog (Воскресенье, 10 Май 2015 10:36)

    will you bee releasing the lonely wolf armor since its listed under WIP?:o

    It looks so amazing *.*
    Need it ((heavy breathing)...

  • #16

    sashadidlitandcompany (Пятница, 02 Январь 2015 07:34)

    Kain i do not mind)
    I re-download the file Paladin.

  • #15

    Kain (Пятница, 02 Январь 2015 00:05)

    Sasha do you mind me posting screenshots of my character using ur weapons on the nexus, ofc id give you credit.
    and btw just checked the links too all are working but the paladin file on 4shared is invalid.
    Oh and a happy new year to you guys!

  • #14

    i1337jimbo (Суббота, 27 Декабрь 2014 02:24)

    hmm must be me then, after the download countdown is over it says the link is invalid T.T
    Still thx for checking ^^

  • #13

    sashadidlitandcompany (Пятница, 26 Декабрь 2014 23:53)

    I checked out the all link and all works.

  • #12

    i1337jimbo (Пятница, 26 Декабрь 2014 06:56)

    Cant believe i didnt find you before, so many awsome armors :o
    the paladin dl link is broken though :(

  • #11

    Chivaleron (Пятница, 04 Апрель 2014 14:06)

    Thank you for sharing the Dark Souls Weapons! :)

  • #10

    sdobson (Среда, 26 Март 2014 01:01)

    Beautiful work!!!!

  • #9

    sdobson (Воскресенье, 16 Март 2014 14:26)

    Thanks for replying!

  • #8

    sashadidlitandcompany (Пятница, 14 Март 2014 07:57)

    I am sorry but there is no.

  • #7

    sdobson (Вторник, 11 Март 2014 05:06)

    Privyet - will you be releasing your companion Didlit?

  • #6

    Cezul (Суббота, 14 Сентябрь 2013 07:43)

    Awesome blog man, lookin' forward to some more Dark Souls ports.

  • #5

    sashadidlitandcompany (Понедельник, 12 Август 2013 08:06)

    I will do it as soon as all will complete :)

  • #4

    chakaru11 (Суббота, 10 Август 2013 23:15)

    WHEEEE! Congrats to your website! Go and rip weapons for us :D

  • #3

    Ani (Вторник, 09 Июль 2013 02:08)

    YEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Soemone else to link to!!!

  • #2

    sashadidlitandcompany (Воскресенье, 07 Июль 2013 14:57)

    She inspired all of us to create blogs)

  • #1

    requiemchronicles (Понедельник, 01 Июль 2013 17:33)

    Bahaha another jimdo user! chakaru11 will be delighted xD

    I will make sure to link back to this one :)